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Feed your body and mind the most powerful and pure organic superfoods found only in Klamath Lake. The New Earth Company is proud to offer blue green algae supplements and AFA supplements originating from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Try New Earth Co. dietary supplements and feel the difference! 



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 We guarantee that our nutritional products can make a positive difference in your life.  If you don’t notice better health with our products we want to give your money back, it’s that simple.



ESSENTIALS: Nature’s Daily Health Pack

The elements that make up the human body are vast and complex. In fact, it is probably the most sophisticated “machine” on the planet. The body as a machine has two engines; the brain and the gut. Modern science now believes they are more connected than we ever could have imagined. The Gut-Brain Axis as it is called drives the body as a whole. That all these separate systems work in such unison is a testament to the wisdom and knowledge of Mother Nature. A happy gut feeds a happy brain and a happy body. So it behooves the health-conscious person to pay attention to what their body not only needs but requires, to maintain health.

The folks at New Earth recognized this fact long ago and went to work to develop a powerful and highly effective supplement—ESSENTIALS. These convenient daily packets contain a combination of powerful digestive enzymes, probiotics, and wild superfoods that provide a multitude of nutrients your body needs daily. In short, this humble packet provides a fast and efficient shortcut to a healthier body.

This product is kosher, halal, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free.



RENEW: The Science of Healthy Aging

All of us want to live a long and healthy life. In our youth, it’s expected, as we grow we understand it is earned through proper habits banked over time. New Earth has studied the issue of healthy aging through nutrition and answered the need with RENEW, a proprietary blend of natural ingredients specifically designed to support the growth and maintenance of your stem cells.

Stem cells are truly one of your body’s natural wonders. Stem cells are the progenitor of every other type of cell—that is, every muscle cell, red blood cell, brain cell, everything. They are the body’s way to constantly repair and rebuild itself.

If living a longer and healthier life is your goal, make RENEW a part of your regular diet.

RENEW is non-GMO, gluten and dairy free and Halal.


MIND: Nature’s Brain Food

In an increasingly complex and chaotic world, clarity and concentration are a distinct advantage. Enhancing and maintaining brain health is important to us all.  The experts at New Earth understand this fact and created a unique,wild-crafted supplement – MIND – nature’s brain food. MIND not only provides the amino acids and essential fatty acids that energize brain activity but also delivers a potent blend of micronutrients that help drive mental acuity and heighten concentration.

The secret is in New Earth’s organic Wild Microalgae that is harvested at the source in southern Oregon. Organic Wild Microalgae, is one of the most vital foods for maintaining brain health and enhancing the activity of this most essential organ in the body.

MIND is 100% organic, and it is entirely non-GMO as well as gluten-free and dairy-free.


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ENERGIZE: Natural Cellular Energy

Whether it is climbing a mountain, hitting the gym, or keeping up with the kids, we all want more energy. It’s one of the few things in our lives that when it is missing is when we notice it the most. New Earth is proud to offer a solution that works with your body at a cellular level —ENERGIZE—an effective energy producing blend of nutrients available in an easy to use softgel form.

Improved energy is one of the many benefits of CoQ10 which is the principle ingredient in ENERGIZE.  CoQ10 is fundamental in powering the body’s energy production cycle in the trillions of cells in your body.  Ubiquinol (the bioactive form of CoQ10 in ENERGIZE) plays a significant role in transferring electrons to generate cellular energy, known as ATP, the molecule that transfers chemical energy within cells for metabolism. To put it more simply, when your cells have energy, so do you. Additionally, CoQ10 cleans up destructive free radicals that are by-products of our metabolic processes.  ENERGIZE delivers balanced antioxidant support from olive leaf polyphenols, ergothioneine from mushrooms, and an array of antioxidants from Wild Microalgae®.

ENERGIZE also promotes heart health.  The heart is one of the few organs in the body that functions continuously, without resting. Therefore, the heart muscle requires the largest level of energetic support of any organ in our bodies.  Providing the right nutrients for this workhorse is crucial for keeping it in prime condition.

ENERGIZE is dairy free and vegetarian-friendly too.



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Whole Wild Superfoods feed your body and mind with the best natural and clean foods on Earth.  Algae and fungi provide nutrients that can sustain your health.  Wild Essentials is a whole food combination with digestive enzymes and probiotics for supporting a healthy internal ecosystem.  Learn more - click here

Are you getting sufficient nutrients in the foods you eat?  Active lifestyles require even higher levels of nutritious foods to rebuild, recover, nourish, and protect our muscles, ligaments, heart, lungs, and cells.  Feed your body with the best natural and clean superfoods.  EDGE is a powerful blend of natural superfoods designed to give energy and protect your body from the stress of workouts and daily activities.  More info - click here

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Full Spectrum Health with Organic Blue Green Algae and Whole Food Supplements 

To achieve optimal health, the individual must consider how to enhance their body, mind, and spirit.  Optimal health is possible when you apply lifestyle solutions that impact one's physical activity, diet, and nutritional supplementation.  Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and the use of nutrition supplements provides full spectrum health and vitality.

Optimal Health is a choice, and the proactive approach of full spectrum health is a proven solution to minimizing the likelihood of illness. 

Your Full Spectrum Health solution should focus on the support, nourishment, and repair of major body organs and systems. 

Our products, organic Whole Food supplements made from powerful all natural Super Foods that are proven to have a positive impact on your body, mind, and spirit.  We have products that will support, nourish, and repair, thus, creating and maintaining optimal health.

Our dietary supplements provide optimal health and nutrition by using organic, natural and wild superfoods that come directly, naturally, and wholly from nature.  Our whole food and organic supplements have been found to play a key role in digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination of waste.  These supplements also provide key nutrients that naturally offer more nourishment for improved health.  Finally, our products help to repair and regenerate cells with powerful antioxidants that protect you from illness.

If you want optimal health and vitality, we invite you to consider our nutritional products that effectively improve your health and well-being.



Algae Supplement News provided by New Earth

blue-green algae from Klamath Lake is known as a “superfood” that:

  • Biomodulates physical wellness for overall energy and performance
  • Provides essential amino acids that nourish the brain and every system in the body
  • Promotes enhanced absorption and assimilation of food nutrients*
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels*
  • Sustains healthy immune system function*
  • Provides a natural source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids*
  • Offers a vast array of micronutrients in a convenient form

Read stories from people using Klamath Supplements:

"I started eating Wild Bluegreen™ Algae when I was a single mom with four kids. I found one evening that instead of falling asleep in the chair in the living room, I was down on the floor rolling around with my kids…right away I thought, 'this has got to be the algae because I've never had the energy to do this.' And it went further than that…I signed up to take a few classes and began to consider graduate school. I continued to eat a healthy amount of algae, and I was successful in completing school. The algae and that education have continued to enrich my life. It has been a valuable fuel mentally, physically and spiritually." —Elizabeth R., Oregon, Illinois

"I'm a physical therapist and was introduced to Wild Bluegreen Algae almost 20 years ago. I was working in a very stressful environment, experiencing mood swings and high blood pressure, and had to nap in my car to finish the day. When I began eating algae, my mood swings evened and I did not have to take that nap. And that's all it is, it's the most wonderful food in the world. I would not be without it." —Jackie J., Silverado, California


“My family and I have been using ESSENTIALS products for the past twenty-four years to stay healthy and strong. It’s our first line of defense!” — Jean S., Springfield, Vermont

"I've had a great experience with the New Earth products. I've noticed more energy and less of an appetite while still feeling nourished. My mind and body feel more relaxed, and it helps just knowing that I am feeding my body the nutrients it relies on to thrive and be healthy. These foods are incredible and  learning about the science behind these superfoods has ensured me that I do have access to the best foods on earth…" —James B., Ottawa, Illinois

"For the nutrition I count on to fuel living my dream life, I count on New Earth; namely, Energize, Renew, Essentials and Wild Bluegreen Body. Isn't that what real NUTRITION ought to do…fuel us in living as our best selves?" —Stuart M., Montrose, California

"I believe, because of incorporating the Essentials into my diet, I live a relatively good life, enjoying excellent health. The probiotics and enzymes keep my digestive system functioning optimally. The organic microalgae feeds me the micronutrients that are deficient in today's food, even if I eat organic. This program of whole food supplementation provides tremendous energy rapidly. Individuals always are amazed at my appearance, and say 'You don't look your age. What are you doing?'" —Nancy F., Loganville, Georgia

"I credit our wild-crafted, organic microalgae with playing a big part in my healthy aging, along with many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle (sleep, exercise, healthy diet, etc.) As I continue my microalgae consumption and add in tonic mushrooms, I am confident I'll continue to feel better and better and healthier and healthier. Thank you, New Earth, for these amazing products!" —Susan K.C., Alexandria, Virginia

"I sleep like a baby now that Elevate soothes, nourishes, and protects my brain." —Christine B., North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplements is an Independent Associate with New Earth. 






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